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Located in the basement underneath Upmarket Pets, we dare you to venture below and be amazed at Upmarket Aquariums.

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We stock a large selection of fish from within Australia and around the world. Our importation of fish allows us to sell direct to YOU. Besides fish we also stock a number of other species such as Reptiles, Amphibians, Marsupials, Rodents and Creepy Crawlies. Our professional staff will provide you with valuable knowledge to ensure that you can own your very own livestock.

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  • Great Advice
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We stock an extensive range of accessories to suit all of the livestock that we have to offer. Our many years experience of retailing the very best aquatic and herp products has enabled us to establish a range of quality products. We stock products from brands we know are effective and that you can trust. Our many years of retailing aquarium and herp products has allowed us to provide you with the lowest prices possible.

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    I only shop at this aquarium

    “ The customer service is some of the best I have come across in Victoria, and the amount of knowledge the staff have is second to none. Definitely won’t go anywhere else! ”
    Thomas Richardson

    I recently visited this aquarium

    “ They had a huge number of fish across a wide range of species and all in very good condition. Although very heavily stocked, they have high water turnover and all fish looked healthy and active. Apparently they do big water changes so that they can stock higher and feed the fish well. ”
    Aaron Jenkin

    Ken gave me great advice

    “ He spent lots of time talking to me and couldn’t be more helpful. ”
    André Le Tissier

    I bought 5 guppies from this shop today

    “ The staff are very friendly and helpful. Their fish stock includes a good range and all look very healthy. I didn’t see any sick or dead fish. The prices are quiet good too, compared to most other aquarium stores. ”
    Anthony Siriat

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Brunei Beauty
Murray River Rainbow
Lake Kamaka Rainbow
Chequered Rainbow
Boesman’s Rainbow
Yellow Comet Tuxedo Platy

Do you want to have fish and aquarium supplies delivered to your door?

Upmarket Aquariums does not offer delivery, but our friends at Coburg Aquarium do!

Visit Coburg Aquarium Here

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